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Places to go....

Below is a list of places that you really should try to visit whilst in our area. Following the list are our suggested itineraries.

Close to home (within about half an hour's drive): Mornac, Royan, Talmont, Meschers, St George, St Palais and coast, Mortagne.

Between half and one hour's drive: Saintes, Cognac, Jarnac, Jonzac, Rochefort, La Tremblade/Marennes (Oysters), Blaye.

More than one hour (but less than 1 1/2): Bordeaux, La Rochelle, Angouleme, Ile D'Oleron, Ile De Re, Marais Poitevin ("Green Venice"), Saint Emilion, Aubeterre-sur-dronne, La Rochefoucauld.

Itineraries around our area

Medoc Tour

Itinerary Medoc.tiff

Total time approx. 4  1/2 hours. Distance about 200km. Drive to Royan  and take the ferry to Le Verdon (30 min crossing). Drive the Medoc peninsula stopping off for photos of castles and wine tasting along the way. A must: the town of Margaux. Take the ferry back across the esturary to Blaye (worth a visit too) and finally drive back up to Epargnes. The route may be driven in reverse. Check ferry times for both crossings before departure!


Wine route to Saint Emilion.

itinarary st emilion.tiff
st emilion4.jpg
st emillion2.jpg
st emilion1.jpg
st emilion3.jpg

Total time approx. 3  1/2 hours. Distance about 200km. Drive to Mortagne Port, a pretty and small port on the Estuary, then drive along the "route de vingnoble" (the wine route) until the historic town of Blaye (a wine is named after it). Then on to Saint Emilion - the ultimate wine town, with its steep cobbled streets and lovely cafes and restaurants. There are many wine shops! The return journey can be taken along the A10 motorway if you wish.

Talmont, Meschers, St George & Royan

itinarary 3.tiff



meschers plage
meschers fishing huts

Saint Georges de Didonne

st george.jpg

This trip is local to Epargnes, so you may take just parts of it on any day. Start the tour by driving 10 minutes to Talmont, a historic fortified village on the Gironde, with its famous Gallo Roman church.Wander the tiny streets and enjoy a coffee outside on the many terraces. Drive on to Meschers where you may visit the little port, the troglodyte caves and then walk the coastal path (may take from an hour to 2). Park at the Suzac beach, then walk along the cliff tops through the trees and admire the amazing views. Visit the fort of Suzac - now a memorial site to the 2nd world war, with its bunkers and installations. Drive on to St George de Didonne with its glorious beach and finally to Royan, the larget seaside town with its huge sandy beach and many shops, cafes and restaurants. Return to Epargnes via the "fast road" (D730) or back the way you came via the coast. Royan to Epargnes is approx. 25 mins.

meschers fishing huts.jpg
st georges beach.jpeg
st george.jpg
meschers beach.jpg
meschers plage.jpg
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